A selection of beautiful and dangerous photographs from Torture Garden, the world’s largest fetish/body art club, makes up this wonderful new book FleursduMal.

Over two hundred images, whittled down from many thousands of fetish clubbing exotica at play from 2003 to 2007, fill this unique record of the fetish clubbing scene.

FleursduMal’s pages reflect the energy, fashion and excitement of the vibrant London fetish scene. Up close and personal, these images show every aspect of this complex and dazzling world.

Whether you are looking for an exquisite, erotically charged coffee table book or a reminder of your fetish clubbing years this is the must have book for 2008.

Bobette, the doyen photographer from the London Fetish Scene website also runs Club Subversion, and is a notorious character on the London Fetish Scene.

The book is published by Dirty Pictures Ltd.

Crossing the Rubicon

London Fetish Scene

Club Subversion